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  • Architect
  • Mall Architect
  • Bank Architect
  • Apartment Architect
  • Landscape Architect
  • Hotel Architect
  • Bungalow Architect
  • Resort Architect
  • Builiding Architect
  • Showroom Architect
  • Hospital Architect
  • Office Architect
  • Restaurant Architect
  • Interior Designer
  • Residence Interior Designer
  • Showroom Interior Designer
  • School Interior Designer
  • Shops Interior Designer
  • Shopping Mall Interior Designer
  • Corporate Interior Designer
  • Bank Interior Designer
  • Turnkey Project Interior Designer
  • Resort Interior Designer
  • Business Centre Interior Designer
  • Play Groups Interior Designer
  • Salons Interior Designer
  • Apartment Interior Designer
  • Residentilal Architect
  • Restaurant Interior Designer
  • Jewellery Showroom Interior Designer
  • Hotels Interior Designer
  • Art Gallery Interior Designer
  • Office Interior Designer
  • Contractor
  • Civil Contractor
  • Industrial Civil Work Contractor
  • Building Contractor Appartment
  • Raise Floor Contractor
  • Civil Contractor For Commercial
  • Concrete Contractor
  • Building Redevelopment Contractor
  • Building Reconstruction Contractor
  • Interior Furnishing Contractor
  • Civil Contractor For Residential
  • Bungalow Contractor
  • Construction Contractor For Concrete Water Tank
  • Residential Civil Contractor
  • RCC Slab Contractor
  • Building Contractor Structural Work
  • Building Contractor Arch Work
  • Turnkey Contractor For Commercial
  • Building Contractor
  • Turnkey Project Contractor
  • Contractor For Interior
  • Turnkey Contractor
  • Structural Contractor
  • Turnkey Contractor For Industrial
  • Construction Contractor
  • RCC Building Contractor
  • Building Rehabilitation Contractor
  • Building Contractor For Factory Shed
  • Civil Contractor For Turnkey Project
  • Building Contractor For Compound Wall
  • Building Maintenance Contractor
  • Civil Engineer Industrial


PRATYASA, a pioneer in civil solution activities came to be known under the name of PRATYASA, established in 2012. Since then, the Company has continued to deliver the best value in services by placing expert in all projects." PRATYASA AND GAJ KESARI has worked on a diverse range of projects, including hospitality, hospitals, industrial, commercial and residential buildings, both on turnkey and item rate basis:"We appreciate you taking the time to go through the PRATYASA CIVIL SOLUTION company profile. This is a great opportunity for us to communicate our services and key competitive strengths to you.This profile is designed to provide you with an introduction to PRATYASA, and we hope and look forward to meeting our clients personally to develop a relationship through one-on-one interaction shortly.To those wanting to make an impact with designs and services, PRATYASA is the firm where focused people consistently deliver the extraordinary. We are passionate, knowing that people live, work, play and inhabit the spaces and places we imagine and envision for our clients. We are responsive, understanding that we are in a service business and the vision is that of our clients – never of ours alone. We are here, creating exceptional spaces across the cities through our connected network of peoples. We are one, with energetic talent across a expertise staff, believing that the value of talent, experience and knowledge is multiplied when shared. We are thorough, balancing extraordinary services with technical expertise and construction administration backgrounds, on-time, within-budget projects. We providing services that enhance the human experience. Each and every day.

As a full-service company, PRATYASA essentially assists clients from the very outset to the completion of their project. We become partners with our clients in understanding the five basic functions of:
• Defining and establishing the scope of the project
• Pre-project planning including preparation and scheduling of the projects, plans, budgeting/cost-modeling etc.
• On-site execution of the project includes scheduling, quality control, safety management, staff management, status reporting and change management.
• Monitoring and controlling the project
• Closing of the project related to the post construction activities.

Project Delivery Methods ALIA Construction builds a diverse range of projects for both government and private clients under a variety of project delivery methods including:
• Lump Sum bids from drawings
• Construction Management
• Design-Build Development
• Pre-construction Services

Our ethics
We at PRATYASA remain true to our founding values of providing quality, honest and hard work, instilled right from the outset of our role model, AmancioOrtega.We have been trustworthy business by being consistently associated with integrity, high standards and quality of service and personal attention to clients.


Year Established -2012

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